Homebrew FCEUGX, SNES9XGX, VBAGX, Genesis Plus GX unable to read DVDs

Resident Stevil

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Jun 1, 2009
United States
Recently I've been trying to get my roms run off of a DVD so I can free up some space on my SD card but have been getting several problems. At first the disc wasn't reading, but I believe I resolved that issue by burning the disc the correct way in ISO 9660 format. When I tried to read the disc again in any of the emulators, or any other program that can read files on DVD (I.E. Wiixplorer), the program would simply crash. After a NAND restore believing the problem to be one of the IOS's that were recently changed, the programs simply make no attempt to read the disc and come back with the error "No Disc Inserted." Anybody have any idea what the issue is?

Note: SMB and loading the roms off of a USB drive is not an option.

EDIT: I discovered that evidently the problem with the discs not reading is because of the forwarders I was using. However, after loading the emulators through the HBC, I'm now back to the emulators crashing upon reading the disc.
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