FBI Socketpunch Installation failing

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    Jul 7, 2013
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    Just switched my MicroSD from 32GB to 64GB with the Image method (it was formatted to FAT32 before) and now I am getting following error while installing .cias through SocketPunch on my N3DS

    Source: SOURCE_FSFILE_WRITE (0x1c)
    Module: MODULE_NN_FS (0x11)
    Level: LEVEL_STATUS (0x19)
    Summary: SUMMARY_INTERNAL (0xb)
    Description: <unknown> (0x14b)

    Currently using ReiNAND 3.3 with 10.6 EmuNAND and 9.2 sysNAND.
    Might it be a corrupt .cia or did the partioning tool fk up the partition while resizing from 32GB to 64GB?

    Help would be greatly appreciated! :)
    I've never seen this error before...

    EDIT: Great... The install took up some space after failing and I cant find the goddamn cia in DevMenu
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