Fatal Frame 4 IS coming to EUROPE?

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    The Fatal Frame IV localization mess continues - GameStop claims title is on the way to Europe

    Reader Giancarlo gets in touch to add a little more fuel to the European fire. Giancarlo works at a GameStop in Italy, and he’s told me that his computer system shows Fatal Frame IV with a May 30th, 2009 release. On top of that, the most recent Italian issue of GameStop’s mailer shows Fatal Frame IV as being localized, but with the name ‘Zero: A Japanese Ghost Story’.
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    Lol, wanna me translate?

    "Five girls get kidnapped and locked in a mansion, luckily saved by a policeman. It could seem an happy ending, instead it's the beginning of a nightmare: few years later, two of the girls die, and the other three can't remember anything anymore of the kidnapping. So they decide to return to the mansion, which will reveal full of secrets and ghosts, which you can kill only thanks to a special Camera and its flash. The game - Exclusive for Nintendo Wii - is ready to make players jump on their chairs, thanks to the paranormal and adult contents."

    Adult contents? [​IMG]
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    thanks for the translation [​IMG] Funny how Reggie hasn't mentioned the name change, they'll probably announce it at E3 with the name change lol
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    ahh... another localization issue, seems reliable but date is very far to confirm it
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    So I felt a bump was in order. The release of this "is" a week away, has anyone in Europe seen anymore ads for this? Called a Gamestop and asked?