"Fatal Error: Apploader size is Zero!" Problem

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Exkorath, May 4, 2013.

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    Ok, so i followed the instructions here: http://gbatemp.net/threads/how-to-play-gamecube-games-off-a-usb-hdd.329628/ but no matter what, I get "Fatal Error: Apploader size is Zero!". I have CFG USB Loader a 500gb seagate and Dios Mios 2.9.wad. I can play regular Wii games but when it comes to gamecube it just shows the dios mios backgroud and in the middle displays the error. I have CFG USb Loader up to date too. so i know that isn't it. I've tried it with all possible options but nothing works. Can someone help?
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    I could also add
    • You are trying to load a game from the wrong partition

    The partition number is not included in the path to the game sent to DIOS MIOS (Lite).
    If you put your iso on the second partition of USB (USB2:/), DIOS MIOS will only receive from the loader "load this ISO : /games/blah/game.iso", and it will look on partition 1 (usb1:/games/blah/game.iso) and won't find the ISO, and won't find the Apploader either.

    Be sure to use the latest version of the loader (CFG loader in your case), because if you are using an old one, it's sending "Setting v1" to DIOS MIOS (Lite), but It expect a Setting v2 since DM(L) v2.3
    This is what "Your loader is using an incorrect config version" means. In this case, if a wrong Setting version is detected, DM(L) settings are set to default.
    Default setting for DM(L) = load game from Disc!
    If you don't have a gameCube disc in your drive, you will have "apploader not found" too. If you have a disc, it will load it instead of the ISO.

    Note: Since DM(L) 2.3 it should display a warning "wrong setting version" instead of "unable to find apploader" if you are using an old loader.
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    he needs to update his cfg loader. i know you said its updated, but i doubt it. also check the settings in cfg loader. id bet no disc is set to on.
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    I have the same problem but i did everything like they said i use the DMLizard to make a boot version of Smash Melee then i formatted my SD drive then i put in the dios-mios booter with the DMlite2.9 wad. After i inserted in my wii installed the wad then use the DMbooter to load Melee but it always ends up in a Fatal error zero?