Fake signing a Vios to block auto update?

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    So basically in my thread browsing I've seen mention of a fakesigned vios blocking an auto update but I had a couple of questions.
    If you do fakesign a vios but otherwise keep the vios original would this have any negative effects on system functions/stability?
    Is it possible to, for example bluedump your vios and keep it %100 clean and non fakesigned to replace at a latter date should you wish/need to update?
    What actually happens if your console attempts' to update with a fake vios? Does it simply fail or does it update all but this one vios and then could you update using nus as an example?
    Am I just barking up the wrong tree lol?
    Cheers guys.
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    If you dump all your vIOS, ie a NAND dump, and re install them later, its not going to be 100% original because the MD5 Hashes will be different.
    Also, if you update with a fakesigned vIOS, and its one that is affected by a wii u update, the update will fail.
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