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Aug 22, 2004
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in prof. layton like every puzzle is just like a loophole nothing is even real any more.

36 tpicarats:

you have 15 candles. some of them are blue. you light them all on fire how many much more light is available if the greenhouse effect increased the temperature of the room rapidly enough to cause your clothes to combust now the candles, all of them, every color, green, red, white, yellow, blue, theyre all on fire because in your haste you touched them, you touched the wicks with your burning clothes and now you, the candles, and oh no now the carpet is on fire. this room is smaller than you remember it. you notice the room is completely sealed. assuming that you survive the burn wounds, you are now running out of air as the fire is rapidly burning available oxygen. you need to put out the fire with your body so that you dont suffocate but that action itself may put you into shock long enough that you die of internal bleeding and burn wounds anyways. assuming your will is up to date and you are not really a strict religious man but still attend church every major holiday and the wife has been urging you to go more often, what are your odds of making it to the afterlife??

hint 1: assume youre not atheist.
hint 2: the fire is real.
hint 3: think. which of the blue candles must not be blue. yes. the ones that have already burned and melted. they are flesh-colored now. they merged with your skin and the semitranslucent color blended enough to take on your own pigment.

answer: its 1!!! you forgot theres a door so you leave and take up a rush bhuddism course

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