Every time I try and load up the environment loader through wiiuexploits.xyz it goes to Homebrew? NEED HELP!!


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May 7, 2022
Las Vegas Nevada
United States
I've currently followed P3NCE newest Wii U Hacking Guide and before had a couple of months ago I used the outdated version and I want to uninstall CBHC and install Tiramisu. I successfully uninstalled CBHC and deleted the DS game connected to it and the save data attached to it now I'm currently trying to download Tiramisu and I followed the guide on wiiu.hacks.guide

I followed the steps by dragging the Tiramisu Package to the root of my SD and the 01_sigpatches.rpx to the /wiiu/environments/tiramisu/modules/setup. I successfully backed up my NAND and now when I tried going to the environment loader using wiiuexploit.xyz and holding X, instead of taking me to the environment loader and continuing my journey to install Tiramisu it takes me to Homebrew app. This is really frustrating and after that the Homebrew app I had installed on the menu doesn't work and has me reset the Wii U. any suggestions? I've been here for 3 hours but no luck

edit: it was just me being dumb I thought i had to empty out the wii u file in the tiramisu base into the root of the sd instead of just dragging the file entirely to the root and replacing the files
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