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    Apr 8, 2020
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    So I promised I would be working on emuNand next. I've read about a bunch of posts on emuNand, particularly


    I still don't completely understand how it works or what I need to do to utilize it.

    Currently, I have installed a ridiculous number (30+) of WiWare & Virtual Console Games onto my Wii (using Wii Mod Lite), most of which have moved over to the SD card because of the ridiculously small system memory allowed for games. The process to install the wads is ridiculously long, installing to the primary memory and then copying to the SD card. Then accessing the SD card to play games is ridiculously slow, and once I get there it seems like 1/2 the games don't run off the SD Card. My impression is that it is mostly Virtual Console games that have issues (N64, SNES, NES). If you move them to primary storage on the Wii, sometimes they work.Yes, I used "ridiculously" more than three times in this paragraph, and tried to work it in several more times, but exercised ridiculous restraint. Sorry. One more time. Ridiculous. *whew*

    It would be nice to be able to access the games quicker than the current set up, even better using the same GUI as for Wii and Gamecube games. It seems like USB Loader GX is set up to do that. I'm not terribly interested in copying games already in the primary Wii loader screen. There are channels that you can't delete and aren't games. No need for a forwarder channel to USB Loader GX to be in emuNand, right?

    1) I gather that there are two modes, cIOS EmuNAND and Neek emuNAND. It seems like the first is preferred but works with fewer games than the second. I'd think that means the second would be preferred?
    2) I tried to run using the cIOS EmuNand instructions, but don't seem to have done well
    3) I've tried adding wads with the settings from the link above, and they don't install properly unless I first dump all the programs installed in the main Nand to emuNand.
    4) After dumping the Nand, the games from main memory are there, but don't run properly. Uno, Bejewled 2 and DrMario both go to black screen and then reload USB Loader GX
    5) Installing a new game with the wad manager adds the game titled with the 4-digit code, and no cover, and they do the same black screen / back to USB Loader GX
    6) If I switch USB Loader GX to show Nand games, they run properly.

    So what I'd like is to understand how to add games from wads to the emuNand, then have them show up properly titled, proper covers, run properly, and look like Wii and Gamecube games in USB Loader GX. I'd also like to wipe the slate clean to start.

    Any thoughts on where I should start are appreciated.


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