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  1. golan

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    Jul 11, 2014
    hey I have a couple of questions regarding emunand:
    1. is there a to stay online while on emunand and when the next update comes i wont be forced to update to the latest firmwire?
    2. I downloaded emunand tool and did extract emunand. what is the the other option : inject nand to emunand? does this allow me to restore my current emunand 8xxx version if i will update it in the future?
    3. how to I restore emunand to a previous state if i accidentally updated my emunand and have the emunand file from emunand tool?
    4. if I update lets say pokemon y to 1.2 on eshop will my saves still work?

    thanks all!! sorry for the noob questions
  2. adragon123

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    Jun 29, 2014
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    1. you arent forced to update, it asks if you want to update or not
    2. allows you to inject a nand or emunand you dumped into emunand, so yes
    3. inject previous emunand you backed up into your sd card with the tool.
    4. you keep your save unless you change rom extension or header