EmuCheat Hacking Hyperspeed

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    Hi everyone !

    Here is my problem. I have EmuCheat, I'm using No$GBA v2.6a and i have WC 2008. For days I tried to create a Hyperspeed code... [​IMG]
    I searched under 32bit, tried this way :

    [credit: Curley5959]

    Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry (E)
    Speed Modifying Code Tutorial

    1. Open no$gba and select Enchanted Folk. Also open up EmuCheat and click the tab at the bottom and link it to no$gba.
    2. Click on Options>Controls Setup and make the key B into a key close to the arrow keys on the keyboard. This will be explained later.
    3. Click the Search tab on EmuCheat and we can now begin making the code.
    4. First, walk right using your left hand, then use your right hand to click Pause Emulator on EmuCheat. Make sure your character is paused while he's walking, or this won't work.
    5. Type ? into the Target box, and press enter.
    6. Now unpause the emulator, but keep walking. Now pause it again, while the character's still walking, and type = into the Target box.
    7. Unpause, and hold B while walking to run. Do both of these with the same hand, and click Pause with the other hand while the character is running. Make sure you character is paused while running, or this won't work
    8. Now type ! into the Target box. This finds any values that have changed since the last time you pressed Enter.
    9. Unpause the game, and go back to walking rather than running. Pause, and type ! into the Target box.
    10. Keep repeating the above steps until you only have about 6-8 results. From there, start testing every code in this format:
    XXXXXXXX 00000014