1. SWRosetta

    OP SWRosetta Member

    Mar 30, 2015
    Hi , i was planning to start modding MK8 a while ago but never got the chance to start due to time constraints.

    Either way , the reason why i have doubts it's because , i while back i started modding Smash Bros Wii U , and i followed a 2 part tutorial made by Etika (EWNetwork).

    So i could do everything on that succesfuly , my doubts are:

    Do i need to install something else for MK8 ?

    Do i need a backup of the game as well?

    I remember that for Smash you need to connect to the internet to activate the mods and then proceed to play , is it the same for Mario Kart 8 ?

    Thanks in advance for anybody that can clear up my questions!
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