DSi strange problem

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  1. patryckpo

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    Mar 1, 2016
    First of all, hello everyone!
    I can't seem to find something and since I'm a noob on fixing DS, here it goes:
    I faced an issue on the bottom screen of my DSi, different of anything I searched around... the colors look less vivid, but strangely it's the SD slot who is doing it, because when I remove the bottom part of the DSi, the screen goes back to normal.
    Long story short: I opened the DSi to remove a SD card that got stuck there and when I finished closing it back together, I stumbled upon this issue. So, somebody knows how to get things back to normal?
    EDIT: I messed around some kind of adjustable pin and it got back to work.
    Huh, it looks like this thing has adjustable pins for contrast very close to the screw that removes the bottom part. Well, I think its good to leave it here because people can get on similar issues and think that screen replace is the best option...
    Anyways, sorry for disturbing...
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  2. justin-dabath

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    May 11, 2016
    The 2 screws control the voltage, a lot of people end up buying a replacement screen only to realise it doesn't fix it, good job that you spotted it early :)