DSi software will be region locked

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    May 7, 2008
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    Nintendo has issued a statement to CVG to clarify the confusion over the region-based restrictions on the new DSi.

    "DSi software (software that is only compatible with DSi) is region locked, eg: European DSi software can only be played on European DSi consoles," a Nintendo spokesperson has told CVG.

    They confirmed that this means BOTH download-able games and future DSi-only cartridge-based games would be region locked.

    "Nintendo DS software however is region free so you can play any DS software on DSi from any region. You can also browse the Internet on your DSi wherever you are in the world and exchange your photos with friends from around the world."

    This follows a statement from NOA exec VP Cammie Dunanway saying: "I believe that just as you can currently buy a DS in Japan and use it here in the U.S., that you should be able to do that with DSi," as we reported this morning.

    Nintendo went on to explain to CVG: "DSi is region locked because DSi embeds net communication functionality within itself and we are intending to provide net services specifically tailored for each region. Also because we are including parental control functionality for Nintendo DSi and each region has its unique age limit made by different independent."

    So there you go - DSi-only titles will be locked. Standard DS software won't be. But how many of the DS' future games will be DSi-only? That's the next question..

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    Hey I said that! The source thing at the bottom is a copy from my post on the Ds Charger topic!
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    Awh, man [​IMG]

    Well, I guess I'll just wait it out until it's released over here in the USA. [​IMG]
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    I'm willing to bet we'll only see a handful of DSi-only titles. Unless the DSi is as widely adopted as the DS, the companies making the games will be severely limiting their audiences, meaning hardly any profit. It's all economics aha.
    So yeah, I'm fairly sure the DSi won't go particularly far, so I think we're safe with this one.
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    Still i'm thinking of importing one [​IMG]
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    That doesn't trouble me at all.
    DSi software basically is regular DS software in a slightly different package. I wouldn't be too surprised if it was sooner or later possible to even run DSi-"specific" software on a regular DS using a regular DS flashcard. I mean, why not? Just look at how far the DS scene has made it already.

    Until then, there won't be any noteworthy software avaible in the DSi Shop, anyway. The system's gonna launch in three weeks, and so far the only exclusive software announced for it is a web-browser as well as some so-called "tools". I can't think of anything those "tools" would have to offer that isn't already available as some kind of homebrew app. What could those tools be? A notepad? A calculator?
  7. Batman55

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    Oct 21, 2007
    Cartridge based DSi exclusives!??!?! I thought the DSi exclusives were only online shop purchased stuff. I really hope Nintendo does a Virtual Console for DSiWare, and let you take your Wii games and transfer them for free to DSi. Also make GBA games available for DL!
  8. Hadrian

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    DSi exclusives are online purchased stuff only.
  9. m3rox

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    Yes, because we all know the DS is capable of running Wii games [​IMG]
  10. nin10do

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    Dec 22, 2007
    regional restricions are going to crash and burn as hard as DRM (may it forever RIP).
  11. spectral

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    I think he means VC games that you've already downloaded on the wii.
  12. Batman55

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    Oct 21, 2007
    Lol, I meant Virtual Console games, not WiiWare games. Everything except N64 should be able to go on DSi right? Also, some GB, GBC, GBA and Game & Watch games [​IMG]
  13. fateastray

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    Nov 14, 2007
    Who cares? It has a SD slot. Can anyone say 'Custom Firmware' ? It's gonna happen sooner or later..
  14. Rock Raiyu

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    We don't even know if the DSi will have firmware.
  15. GeekyGuy

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    That's the only part of that newsflash that concerns me, and it has to do with "DSi-only cartridge-based games..." I'm not sure if the person who made that statement misspoke, or if Nintendo is really planning on making retail games that are only for DSi. Now, I can understand that perhaps a handful of retail games will try to implement the unique features of the DSi, in particular the camera, but if Nintendo makes all future DS games only compatible with DSi and they phase out the old DS, that's gonna piss a lot of people off -- myself included.

    Thing is, I really don't want to buy this piece of shit. Yes, piece of shit. To be fair, Nintendo should have either offered these features with the DS originally, or give us a true next-gen DS. But repackaging the same hardware with a few minor changes (and renewed ability for Nintendo to sell old GBA games via downloading to SD) is horse shit -- pure and simple. I don't want to be forced to buy this farce.
  16. Lumstar

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    Mar 6, 2006
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    See? I told you so. DS was never strictly "region free". And this cements it.
  17. FlatFrogger

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    Apr 20, 2007
    Roll on the hackage and region free-ness that ensues.
  18. themuddaload

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    yeah, pretty sure that it wont be hard for the region locking piece of code to be hacked or just replaced by the code from another region.

    shouldnt be much of a problem.
  19. Baroque Obama

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    what are you talking about? the software that runs on the DSi IS firmware.
  20. megabug7

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    Imagine they release let's say 'The Legend Of Zelda: The Twelve Trials' which states 'Only Compatible with the DSi Portable System' on the box.

    That would suck.

    Didn't they do that with the Gameboy Color or something?