DS Lite LED problem.

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    Jan 18, 2010
    When I turn my DS on it works perfectly fine, BUT, the green LED doesn't work.. the red one does, just not the green.
    Is there any way to replace it?
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    this is the first instance that I've heard of a smd (surface mounted diode) going bad. they can be replaced, however I would not advise attempting it yourself unless your soldering skills are well above average and you have the proper tools to do so.

    you really need a soldering station with heated tweezers to remove the existing smd. without them, you'll have to use de-soldering braid to eliminate all of the solder (what very little there is holding on each side of the smd), and then repeating the process at the other end. once you've done that, you can heat up one end and carefully pry it up using a pin or hobby knife away from the circuit board (being very careful to not apply too much heat for a prolonged period of time, otherwise can lift a trace. heat the other end while removing the component from the circuit board with a small part of needle nosed pliers.

    to replace with a new smd, carefully tin the 2 pads where the component will sit with a very, very small amount of solder. position the new smd into place (using a pair of tweezers or hobby knife to hold it into place, and apply the soldering iron to one end and then the other to secure the component into place.