DS Lite charging problem

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    Apr 17, 2011

    I just bought a DS Lite, but it's got a little problem. I know there are some topics about the subject already, but I'd rather make my on topic.

    The DS plays fine, as long as the battery is full, untill it's empty. To charge it I have to put the battery in another DS.

    De charger cable is fine, works on another DS Lite, just like the battery. But when I put the charger in my own DS Lite, the orange charging light doesn't go on. Not for just a second either (which happens at some other people, I saw on the internet).

    I tried to check the resistance on the F1 Fuse. I bought a tiny multimeter. When I put in on Resitance/ Ohm, and I put the two pens together it says 01,2. When I put the pens to the Fuse F1 it gives 01,2 too. Does that mean it isn't the fuse? Should it give a higher amount then?

    Is it possible that the power socket is broken and that needs to be replaced then, or could something else be the problem too?