DS Game Maker 2.7 Major Update

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    DS Game Maker 2.7 Major Update
    James releases a major update to his program that allows you to create your own Nintendo DS Games
    It brings me great pleasure today to announce the release of DS Game Maker 2.7. Apart from DS Game Maker 1.0 -> 2.0, this is the biggest update yet, fixing many many bugs and adding a killer feature that will make this taste as sweet as programming.

    The killer feature is indentation in the actions list. It's automatic: As you move, add and remove actions, the clever indentation updates itself, providing a clear view of what your game will do. And it doesn't stop there - I pushed the boat out, folks, and made it FAST. Yep, 2.6B was a sucker for speed, taking over a second to move an action up and down (imagine moving it 10 positions..). And, I fixed it. Changes are saved when you save the overall game, you compile or you switch rooms. (There's also the little Save icon top right).

    Well, I do not like to disappoint. You can now select multiple actions, just like you can select multiple lines of code. You can move them all up and down at once at lightning speed. You can even move them right to the top and right to the bottom of the list (that's new too).

    Plus, I have been keeping an eye on the forums, listening to what people want, and thoroughly testing the program myself, resulting in a giant changelog of bug fixes.

    So, my advice is as follows: If you are an existing user of DS Game Maker, you will probably want to give this a whirl... I for one am finding it hard to live without the indentation and multi-select actions. If you are new to DS Game Maker, then this is the perfect time to start making your own DS Games.


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