Downgrading my PSP from 6.61 concerns

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    I have a PSP-1000 running 6.61 with LME and permanent CFW. I got a bit download-happy and I have about 45GB worth of games and it's taking forever just to get to anything. I want to install the 6.60 categories plugin, and tried that along with the 6.60 plugins on 6.61 plugin. However, that caused all sorts of problems. Anyway, I'm going to downgrade to 6.60 and install the categories plugin. Will anything happen to my stuff? I mean:

    1. Will it still be LME, and have permanent CFW? Or will it be normal firmware again?
    2. Will all my ISOs and eboots become corrupted? If so, is this temporary or permanent?
    3. Is there anything else I need to know?

    Thanks in advance.

    tl;dr will I lose my stuff and cfw if I downgrade from 6.61 to 6.60?

    EDIT: Just now looked up the 6.1 downgrader. The google drive comes up with a 404. Is there anywhere I can download a downgrader?
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    LME is by definition temporary (sounds like you installed LME+Infinity, whereas on a 1000 a better option would have been ME), anyway downgrading is done by cleanly installing an OFW (which happens to be a moddable version)

    They're never touched (do note though that Game Categories Lite, the recommended game folders plugin, hides by default uncategorized apps but this can be changed in Settings>System)
    Put this eboot in any empty subfolder of GAME as usual, remember to also put the official 6.60 update (660.PBP) into /PSP/GAME/UPDATE/EBOOT.PBP
    Launch the downgrader, it will then run the official 6.60 update, then you can flash 6.60 ME ( (OFW Version).zip)
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