Doubts about restoring a save backed up from a legit eshop installed game

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    Hi i have a 9.2 3DS and i have a legit eshop installed copy of Fire Emblem and Pokemon Y on my SD card and i was thinking of downgrading to 4.X.
    My question are:

    1)Will the Fire Emblem and Pokemon saves work after i downgrade.

    2)If i backup the saves of FE and Pkmn with savedatafiler will i be able to restore them to a rom of the same game or a .cia version of it
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    since Fire Emblem is a 4.X game. its save data should still work on 4.5, but Pokemon Y is a 6.X game, so its save data will not work on 4.5. also iirc even with a 9.2 sysnand, gateway mode emunand is some how missing the 6.X save keys so it uses the 4.5 ones. so you cant uses savedatafiler to rip the save before downgrading. but i also heard classic mode emunand does work... but you cant run savedatafiler in classic mode so no luck there either.
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    In short downgrading from any higher firmware is a great plan but at the expense of losing most of your saves. Maybe Gatewait will fix that Soon™.
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    Pretty sure the save encryption problem only applies to retail carts, not eshop titles.

    I have a retail Pokemon Y eshop install on my 9.4 emunand on a 4.2 sysnand 3DS. If you want to PM me I can help you test this.
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