Doubts about A9LH+Luma

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  1. Azaghâl

    Azaghâl Newbie

    Aug 12, 2016
    I'm new in the world of 3ds hacking and I've just followed Plailect's guide, but I don't really understand what I can do.

    Am I right?
    1. Thanks to luma3ds I:
      • am region free (I can play games from Japan for example)?
      • can run unsigned .cia (Any .cia application, any .cia game)?
      • can update my SysNAND because my FIRMs are protected (Except in those cases)
      • can do a lot of things
    2. Luma3ds is a CFW, and was called AuReiNAND
    3. Thanks to Decrypt9 I can create my retail game as a .cia and install them like a digital game with FBI?

    1. Does my native SysNAND (9.8) still exist and I just launch and update the CFW? Or it just exist as a backup in 9.2 (part 2) and I launch my native SysNAND updated and with some modification?
      • Then if brick the NAND used, would I be able to backup it?
    2. What is the difference between my SysNAND backup and my SysNAND_original backup? (part 4, section II)
    3. Can I still launch the Homebrew launcher using browerhax and/or menuhax or do I need to use the HBL installed in my Home menu through FBI?
    4. Can I change my theme without danger?

    Last one:
    In the last step part of the Guide, I have to use Hourglass9 to inject using the Health and Safety Inject. But I can't find the (it's localized in my files9) but Hourglass9 don't find it. Should I put it in an input folder in the root of my SD card like it was done in part 4?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. nl255

    nl255 GBAtemp Addict

    Apr 9, 2004
    Now that you have Luma, you are region free though some games require using the language emulation feature. You can also install any cia you want, whether homebrew, a game you converted yourself, or a cia obtained from elsewhere including CIAngel or freeshop. As for updating your sysnand, that is not a problem since you are on at least Luma 5.5 if not 6.x though always make a nand backup with hourglass9 before doing a system update.

    Yes, Luma was previously known as AuReiNAND and yes you can use the latest decrypt9wip to directly convert your retail carts to cia format, no PC needed anymore. Or if you wish you can use tools like Shameless/FunKeyCia or CIAngel to get many/most games in cia format provided someone else has already shared the title key for it.

    Your sysnand_original and emunand_original (if you had emunand) are backups taken before formatting, those are the ones you want to restore at the end if you had any games/saves you wanted to keep. However once you get everything set up I suggest you make a new sysnand backup so that even if you use a hardmod or the wrong option in decrypt9 you won't lose a9lh.

    As for the homebrew channel, while you can use browserhax/menuhax for the moment (though they almost certainly will stop working after Ninty releases the next system update past 11.0) I strongly suggest installing and using the HBL cia instead. That being said, most homebrew is available in cia format or has an alternative that is available as a cia. For example, using the cia of JKSM rather than svdt for backing up save data. Note that some homebrew like cia installers, emulators that use dynarec like gpSP, and save managers will be more stable as a cia.
  3. Azaghâl

    Azaghâl Newbie

    Aug 12, 2016
    Wow that's an answer.

    Ok it's now clearer for me.
    SySNAND-A9LH backup is done
    And HBL cia is installed

    Speaking about saves, I only have pokémon X and used to use the homebrew save manager, I thought my save would be deleted after all the format done. But it is still here, I suppose this is because this is a retail cart game?
    I will look for JKSM it seems to be better than save manager.
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