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Sep 19, 2008
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======= System Requirements =======
* Operating System: Microsoft Windows (2000/XP/Vista or higher) / Linux / Apple Mac OS X (Intel version).
* Processor: Any Fast CPU with SSE2 supported (recommended at least 2Ghz). Dual Core for speed boost.
* Graphics: Any graphics card that supports Direct3D 9 or OpenGL 2.1. See: *link*

======= Runtime Library Requirements =======
Dolphin needs you have to have the libraries listed below installed.

-MS Visual C++ Runtime 2008 SP1: This fixes the "side by side" / "application config" & model errors
Microsoft VC++ 2008 SP1 Redist x86 - For 32bit Windows
Microsoft VC++ 2008 SP1 Redist x64 - For 64bit Windows

-The DirectX November 2008 Runtime: This fixes the plugin loading errors
Microsoft DirectX Updater

-install libbluetooth: fixes the "PANIC failed to load plugin Plugins/libPlugin_wiimote.so" error for linux users

======= Video Card Requirements =======

You must have a video card that support OpenGL 2.x fully or Direct3D 9.0c.

Note: The Direct3D9 video plugin is old/outdated and it looks like it doesn't work anymore. We recommend using the Dolphin OpenGL Video plugin for better video emulation.

Note: Make sure your drivers are up to date!
[Driver Sites]
NVIDIA Drivers
ATI Drivers

[Models that Dolphin likes]
- NVIDIA GeForce 6 to 9 Series and GeForce 200 Series
--* GeForce 6 Series
--* GeForce 7 Series
--* GeForce 8 Series
--* GeForce 9 Series
--* GeForce 200 Series
- ATI Radeon R200 to R700 Series
--* ATI Radeon Processor Generations
--* Radeon 300
--* Radeon 420
--* Radeon 520
--* Radeon 600
--* Radeon 700

[Model thats Dolphin doesn't like]
- Any Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) Chipset (These cards do not support OpenGL 2.x fully)
--* Intel Graphics Media Accelerator
- Older NVIDIA Chipsets
--* GeForce 256
--* GeForce 2
--* GeForce 3
--* GeForce 4
--* GeForce FX Series
- ATI Radeon R200 and Older
--* ATI Radeon Processor Generations
--* Radeon 100
--* Radeon 200
------+ RIVA TNT
--* RAGE
------+ Rage

I hope this clears up any confusion or questions about the emu. Please lets not have 10000 posts in regard to the same genral question

"what are the requirements to run dolphin"

I posted this so that maybe when you SEARCH BEFORE MAKING THE POST (seems there are 2 topics already posted in question form i thought id go the other way so that when you search you find a ANSWER rather than a QUESTION lol

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