Question Does 90dns or incognito work on Kosmos?

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    Jul 25, 2019
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    Hello, i'm a bit new to the switch hacking scene and have a couple noob questions i haven't found a definite answer for.

    From what i've been seeing on these forums i have seen a couple old comments about people saying incognito/90dns doesn't work on kosmos and to use google dns and was wondering if there is any updated info on this and how i could go about using it and if it's safe for kosmos.

    Also i've also seen a small majority say to use "hekate - CTCaer mod v4.10.2 J" for kosmos but it's a little outdated and hekate 5.0.1 seems to work fine for me and i'm wondering if there's a difference.
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    Both 90DNS and Incognito work fine on Kosmos.

    The main reason people hate on 90DNS is that some servers will decide that you are from France where 90DNS is located, and will direct you to French servers, such as google drive, which will lead to slower downloads if you're far from France and using HBG and the like. I don't know that google DNS does the all-important service of blocking communication to Nintendo so I wouldn't jump on that without knowing more.

    If you're installing .nsps with the latest Kosmos then just use the latest sigpatches from Joonie, on the same page as the 4.10.2J. With those there is no need to use his custom payload, ctcaer 5.0.1 works fine.
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