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    Sep 6, 2010
    well,you know,some games do not need to be patched right at the begginign.
    some take a little time after starting the game (okamiden) and other,evil games,wait until a bit after mid-game to need a patch (looking at ya,mario and sonic winter games...altough you are fun,so i'll forgive you...)

    i'm actually doing some works in my friend r4 and she asked me to patch any games that needed it..so,yeah,here are the games:

    De Blob 3
    Fairy Tail - Gekitou Kardia Daisendou (confirmed not to work properly)
    Lego Ninja
    Lego Pirates of Caribean
    Lego Star Wars III - Clone Wars
    Lost Treasures of Alexandria
    Match 3 Madness
    Radiant historia (does not seems to save)

    if you know about the whereabouts of any of the game's patches...fel free to tell me (if that's not aganist the rules,of course...)
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