Hacking Disk Read Error on Mario Kart Wii using CFG Loader


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Feb 27, 2015
United States
I wanted to play wiimmfi again, so I got a program called mHotspot to make my wired internet into wifi and that allowed me to bypass something my school did to make me unable to use both my consoles (wii and wiiu) online for some reason. but when i started playing again (on my wii) with nothing in my setup changed from my prior setup with wiimmfi i started getting disk read errors while playing through cfg loader. I didn't know why, i figured it was just some problem with my wii because its literally a dinosaur and the disk reader for it stopped working long ago (although i dont know why id get a disk read error in the first place on a usb loader), but now im playing on my wiiu's vwii after setting it up with hbc and im still getting this error after like 30-40 mins of playing online every time I try to play Mario Kart Wii.

Here is a list of things I have tested to try and find the cause of these disk read errors to no avail, as the errors kept returning after 30-40 minutes of me playing wifi:

iso patch - no (redid wiimmfi iso patch)
playing on the RMCJ iso - no (got these errors on the USA iso too)
mkw japan by itself - no (deleted my usa iso and tried playing my japanese one by itself on my usb)
wbfs file system on usb (tried ntfs and fat and couldnt get either to work) - unable
old wii - no (playing on wii u now)
cIOS (d2x) - no (running latest versions)
cIOS number - no (tried running mario kart wii on 249 and 250)
cfg loader version - no (running latest version)
cfg loader itself - not usb gx. (tried that) maybe I should try wiiflow?
usb - no (bought new usb device)
internet hotspot problems - no (tested by turning it off in the middle of a race and that caused a d/c, not a disk read error)

Anyone got any ideas for me on what else could be causing these disk read errors or any suggestions? I really don't know and I doubt switching to wiiflow would fix it if trying another loader (usb gx) didnt. If anyone needs any more clarification I will gladly provide it. Very desperate.

My apologies if this isn't the right area to post this.

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