[Discussion] Why do you mod?

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by BurningDesire, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. BurningDesire

    BurningDesire GBAtemp Psycho!

    Jan 27, 2015
    United States
    Behind a screen reading news
    Here's a good question to get you through the end of the week. Why do you mod? Is it for piracy (if it is a software mod) or customization (with either a physical or software mod) I personally do it for customization. By either making the outside look cool or making my own one of a kind theme for the inside that looks cool. After a mod a console to my liking (for instance my 3DS) I don't really use it unless it is to show it off to friends. Ever since A9lh came out (early adopter) my 3ds has my own stickers, themes and fake cias of course to make me look cool. So my question is. Why do you mod?
  2. Phantom64

    Phantom64 Banned

    Aug 18, 2015
    Saint Kitts and Nevis
    Because i don't buy a console to play games on it but for shitty homebrews
  3. TechAndrew

    TechAndrew Untitled

    Aug 6, 2015
    Wherever I Am
    I mod my consoles (if possible) to unlock their full potential and do whatever I want on them, which I think is what I'm entitled to, when I buy the console.
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  4. DinohScene

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    Oct 11, 2011
    В небо
    Mostly to utilize homebrew.

    360 is mainly to have the ability to check the temperatures as well as executing beta/proto games + backups of retail disks/modified games
    PS3, temperatures + Showtime/Movian + backups of retail disks (dead BD drive)
    3DS, customization + backups of the cartridge games on the 3DS.
    PSP, customization + save states for some games + homebrew + backup of UMDs and beta/proto games.
    DS, used me Supercard SD as a mediaplayer for a long time + backup of cartridge games.
    Xbox, customization + execution of beta/proto games.
    PS2, VMC + HDD loading.
    Wii, ability to reuse the weather channel/news channel among the execution of backupped games on the Sundriver.

    For consoles which have a HDD, I make regular backups of the save games and DLC (and often installed games)
    Backups of the NAND and other brick proofing things.
    I actually like backing up me games so I can have them in a cabinet as a collection without having to worry about scratches etc.

    In short, data backup + customization/temperature control as a main reason to mod them.
    Execution of beta/proto games a second.
    Piracy... one of the last really .-.
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  5. Davidosky99

    Davidosky99 Eevee :3

    Jun 7, 2015
    I mod my consoles for fun.
    Because I like to explore their software vulnerabilities.
    I find security exploits fun.
    Also, I like piracy and homebrew.
  6. Seriel

    Seriel Always watching, always waiting..

    Aug 18, 2015
    United Kingdom
    Wales, UK
    On the outside I say homebrew and teh lolz
    Secretly on the inside I want piracy.
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  7. Swiftloke

    Swiftloke Hwaaaa!

    Jan 26, 2015
    United States
    Same, minus the piracy part. I am not a pirate.
  8. Hayleia

    Hayleia GBAtemp Maniac

    Feb 26, 2015
    Mostly for convenience.

    For example, on the 3DS, if you don't mod, you have two choices to get games:
    • buy cartridges that you'll have to swap whenever you want to change games
    • buy digital copies that you can't re-sell, can't lend or borrow, and that won't be downloadable anymore when servers shut down (so if you uninstalled MH4U to make space and play MH Gen, if you ever want to play MH4U out of nostalgia in 10 years, well you can gfy)
    This is stupid, I want to possess what I buy but I don't want to swap things, so I buy carts and play digital copies (either my own backups or stuff from freeshop or whatever).

    Another example is how Nintendo doesn't make anything easy for people with several consoles. You can't link a NNID to two 3DSes for example. Or same, you can't really transfer a save from a 3DS to another one and back again, etc. Well, with mods, you don't care about these limitations anymore (why link your NNID to two consoles if a game you bought can be installed in two consoles ? and there are a lot of save managers out there).

    Now yeah, notice the "mostly" at the beginning. I also pirate games I don't care about but still "need" to play occasionally, such as MK7 (great to have quick fun with friends but I'm not paying for that if I play it once a year).
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  9. Engert

    Engert I love me

    Jan 21, 2012
    United States
    Well this is wierd.
    No forum moderators have responded to this question.
    I hear that most people mod because they like to have virtual control of virtual buttons in the Internet.
  10. spinal_cord

    spinal_cord Knows his stuff

    Jul 21, 2007
    To see how many blue LED's I can add to something.
  11. iAqua


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    Dec 7, 2015
    free gamez :), but srsly I do have a ton of paid for 3ds games.
  12. Lacius

    Lacius GBAtemp Guru

    May 11, 2008
    United States
    I admittedly mod my consoles for piracy. Anything else is just extra.
  13. nero99

    nero99 GBAtemp Addict

    Sep 18, 2014
    United States
    I mod because it MY console and can do with it as I please.
  14. Flame

    Flame Me > You

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    Jul 15, 2008
    because I love tech And love messing about with it.

    the modding scene allows things which the company would not allow anyway or the modding scene improves on a feature.

    examples of these are:

    translation project.
    all the games on one device.
    editing a save.
  15. Greymane

    Greymane Lurking gbatemp pony

    Jul 7, 2015
    In your closet, watching you clop
    I mod so that i can play modded games(translations, fun stuff, ponies)
  16. FAST6191

    FAST6191 Techromancer

    pip Reporter
    Nov 21, 2005
    United Kingdom
    I tend not to ask why when why not is a better question in most instances.

    Reasons not to mod.

    You might lose online, or indeed would probably lose online prior to the wii for home consoles. Naturally PC was not a problem here. Online is filled with cunts, always has been and though it need not always be I am not predicting that will change, that means I hate it so no worries there.
    It is expensive. If it was I probably would not do it, and why pay someone for a hour or two's work when you can spend 30 learning to do something yourself.
    There might be a moral thing. That actually gave me pause, for so long actually my frozen baby seal thawed a bit and the remaining puppies probably went more from the weight of the seal than the clubbing action I did. I mean I even threw the seal on the side of the road rather than get seal goo in the basket of my freshly stolen bike.

    Reasons to mod
    Originally. Nice device to carry with me or have under my TV that has cool stuff on it and that I can't easily get elsewhere. Today that is less of a problem as some people finally got a clue and made readily available and good devices for sticking under my TV or passable ones for carrying with me that do far better, also I am rich enough and prices dropped enough that laptops are something I can have.
    Games are basically free. I do like free games.
    You can get or make better versions of games already out there. Sweet, my infinite free time means I am better than game devs under conditions and no free time.
    Some people out there reckon it is a bad thing and that I am insulting the devs of games and such. That keeps me warm at night.
    You can customise the console. I mean I guess you can see something different in the 2 seconds it takes to load a game.
  17. Jayro

    Jayro MediCat USB and Mini Windows 10 Developer

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    Jul 23, 2012
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    Octo Canyon
    Basically this, and because emunand/usb/memorycard loading of games is much better than optical. (I load my PSP games from memory stick, Wii games from USB harddrive, and Gamecube games from SD card.)

    And although piracy runs rampant, I just find it more convenient to have one flashcart for GBA with all my favorite games on it. It beats having to hunt down potentially expensive titles online, and then having to lug all those carts along with me.

    Oh, and one of the biggest reasons I mod my hardware with softmods and CFW is to remove bullshit restrictions: No copying saves, region lock, firmware downgrading, etc... Really mundane bullshit they block you from for no reason.
  18. Sliter

    Sliter GBAtemp Psycho!

    Dec 7, 2013
    ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
    mosty for region free, translation/undubs/hacks, homebrew and emulation
    I also do for pirates because I'm not rich :/ some games like zelda I don't play if I do not own a original copy (But an GC TP is ridiculous explsive... and still not played :v ) and if I can afford it and want to play, I do buy
    I also would like to make some hardware mod like to use controller on my n3ds and streaming(not needed anymore XD) But it's ridiculous expensive too ô3o so it's clean
    One of my mod dreams is making a light mod on my original GBA XD
  19. CeeDee

    CeeDee I'm A Chump

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    May 4, 2014
    United States
    Stop right there. That's all you needed to say.
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  20. JustAKirby

    JustAKirby GBAtemp Fan

    Oct 7, 2015
    United States
    Wouldn't you like to know?
    Why do I mod?
    Maybe for piracy (which most of the time is what it leads to)
    Maybe because I want to explore the various capabilities of a certain system and learn new things about it
    Maybe I want to show off for my friends
    or maybe I want to revive an old addicting game with romhacks
    The real reason is
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