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Aug 25, 2007
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Hello tempers. I just thought I would post again today because I might not be able to tomorrow. Tomorrow I get to miss school to go to the dentists office followed by the orthodontist. As intriguing as that sounds, I might not be able to reach a computer to fill you in on useless things, what will you guys do without me? I will definitely post tomorrow if I get the chance though. So as I already went over this morning, I was playing quite a bit of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. The one thing I didn't get to cover in my first post was the wifi capabilities. I'm extremely happy the developers included voice chat, that's one thing most wifi DS games are missing. I was also happy to find out that turns were timed, so I don't have somebody who is idle the whole match. But I have a few gripes about the online play as well. The matches can take an absurdly long time to complete, and to some of you that might not seem like such a bad thing... but when I just want to play a quick match while on the pooper this doesn't work so well. Also, there are quiet a few disconnects when I was playing, but not right before they were about to lose... but in the beginning. The must have gotten scared when they saw my war tank head for them. At least it counts as a win for me. Other than AW:DR I played Super Mario Advance 3 (AKA: Yoshi's island). This game was surprisingly fun, and I felt a little stupid for not spending more time with it prior to today.

The title screen for Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

The vibrant and colorful graphics kept me sucked into this game and ultimately made me want to draw. It brought out some artistic part of me that rarely shows it's face to the world. But in the end I didn't draw, but played this game instead! The visuals are hard to forget... It looks like a mix between a coloring book and a Disney-esque art style. It definitely strayed away from the rest of the games in the series. Yoshi's Island marked the first time that Yoshi was the main playable character and also introduced baby mario.

The shiny and happy graphics make this game unique

I only got to the second world (out of 6) but I pretty much got the game down. Yoshi's Island isn't particularly tough... but can sometimes be frustrating when you hit a insta-death pit of lava. I like the concept of having Baby Mario on your back, and if you get hit he flies off in a little bubble and you have to get him before the timer runs out. This allows you to get hit infinite times (another first for the series) but still keeps it challenging. The boss battles are way too simple, but I love that the bosses are huge. Here's the formula for a good boss battle: Boss = Challenging + Large. At least they got half the formula right...

Big ass bosses= AWESOME

I definitely suggest Yoshi's Island to anybody who enjoys a good looking platformer... but I didn't like the DS version so much. It was waaay too easy and didn't really introduce many new things to keep the series fresh. I wish the game had a proper sequel that didn't suck. By the way, is Yoshi a dinosaur or some sort of reptile? I think their on Dinosaur Island, but I could be wrong? Either way Yoshi isn't a very intimidating Dinosaur/Reptile.


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