Digimon Story Protection? Now?

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    Okay, so I have Digimon Story on the M3, and I've been playing it for 20 hours, says the game clock. I go to the room with the final boss. Before the final boss, there are four stupid towers. After a very long and tedious fight with the towers, all of a sudden you hear the main character shout "Alright, I done it! I stopped the Revival Plant!"

    The next bit of dialogue goes very slow...and then the game resets itself to the title screen. Okay, all that work, and it's stopping me from reaching the last boss, I'm pissed now. [​IMG]

    Is there some protection in the game or something?
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    If it's protection that lets you play 99% of the game, then I'd fire the programmer who created this protection.
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    i doubt it. its most likely rom compatibility. did you save? try it again >:]