Difference between using NTSC and PAL ISO/WBFS files

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  1. Miyako

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    Jan 1, 2012
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    Hello again gbatemp.

    There are some games I like that I couldn't find its NTSC ISO/WBFS file, only the PAL files.

    On a technical POV, will I be missing something if I use the PAL file instead of a NTSC file? Knowing that a PAL game is intended for use on a PAL TV, which is different from a NTSC TV, will it display things differently on a NSTC TV? Will there be a slight difference in quality or framerate it displays?

    Or is the difference between NTSC and PAL copies relevant only when using older TVs?

    I have a NTSC wii and ,naturally, an HDTV from the US.
  2. loco365

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    Sep 1, 2010
    Some TVs won't work with PAL games, but some loaders also have Force NTSC options as well. As for framerate, I'm not too sure if it will affect it. From what I did with the TLoZ Skyward Sword demo, I didn't have any framerate issues.
  3. tueidj

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    Jan 8, 2009
    PAL video output has a slightly higher vertical resolution and slightly lower framerate.
  4. ouch123

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    Aug 2, 2012
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    For the Wii, there isn't really a difference. In general, PAL runs at 50 fps and NTSC runs at 60 fps (I think technically 59.9, but eh) and as tueidj mentioned, PAL has a higher resolution (but the aspect ratio is still 4:3). As a result, you may experience clipping when playing PAL games that are being forced to output NTSC, but it's been my experience that this doesn't happen with the Wii (it does happen on the PS2 though).
  5. JoostinOnline

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    The Twilight Zone
    The content might be different though.
  6. Arras

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    Sep 14, 2010
    I force PAL for several NTSC games and the only one I really had trouble with was Brawl, so the other way around is probably fine as well.
  7. LightyKD

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    Be sure NOT to mix any PAL/NTSC versions of Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero or Guitar Hero 6. The PAL and NTSC servers will conflict causing the games to not load their main menus. I feel your pain OP because you would think that in this day and age, it wouldn't be so damn hard to find things. I'm STILL looking for the US copy of Band Hero and Red Steel 1 until a few months ago took me almost half a year to find :P
  8. Hielkenator

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    Feb 7, 2010
    Some games released in PAL do not have 480p/i options.

    If you have a LCD or similar tv and connect your Wii with component cables, an NTSC version of these games would be the better choice.

    Some game that are superior in NTSC to PAL are:

    Zelda Twilight princess, PAL version has a blur filter in 480p, NTSC version is as it should be : pinch sharp.
    Scarface, PAL version only in 50hz not forcable in usb loaders, get the NTSC version for smoother gameplay at 60hz
    Madworld, PAL version 576i only not forcable in loaders, get the NTSC version for fullscreen 16:9 at 60hz.

    Also gamecube NTSC versions are suprerior as most NTSC games support 480p
    So when connecting as mentioned above, go for those for the best picture.