Deeeeeeaaaadddd dead dead dead dead (was this DSl)

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by Panzer Tacticer, Apr 17, 2010.

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    Friend's older daughter borrowed a school friends DS lite the other day. Played a game for a while and the thing is now dead. Real game cart by the way.

    On the surface you might think, well the friend's daughter sure is screwed eh.

    Yes and no.

    I wonder, how many of your gamers here ever register your DS units?

    I contacted a savvy friend on mine, he went online, found this white looks like garbage currently DSlite is still under warranty.

    The unit is grubby, but every kids toy ends up like that it seems. No sign of physical trauma though. The upper unit moves in a peculiar fashion.

    I swapped out batteries, no luck. This thing just will NOT turn on, even for a 3 count.

    It will be interesting to see what warranty service can do for this. Not my head ache though. But I suppose my friend is happy she is not out of cash for replacing it.

    How many of you guys have had a unit die on ya, and NOT check out if it is still covered? Just curious.

    I bet my son's damaged unit is too. If I can't fix it myself, I guess it is not out of the running if this white one can make it back fixed.
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    My DSL's hinge broke about six months back, and despite it being almost two years since I bought it USED, Nintendo still agreed to fix it free. NoA are apparently big push-overs.