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    Jan 19, 2015
    Hi folks,

    like I did with the first Darksiders, here is a save with Abyssal Armor, I only done few quests to unlock it. It's came from the PC version I own, I just modded it to load on the switch. This is NG+ save so you also have bunch of weapons/armors/money and souls.

    I also add sys-clk-0.13.0 with game profile and the UI nro to overclock handled mode to docked one, it work for both Atmosphere and SX OS :grog:

    With overclock profile, the game do not blur so much (and hurt you eyes) when you play in handled mode.

    WARNING : do not use overclocking without proper heat dissipation, for example i replaced the (poorly made and placed) thermal paste of my switch with Artic MX-4 one and thermal pads. I am not responsible if you damage your switch !!

    Handled Vanilla

    Handled Overclock

    PC Master Race

    Enjoy :switch:

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    Long shot on this one...

    I was wondering if you would be so kind as to help me. This is EXACTLY what I am looking for but not for the switch, but for PC. Would you be able to post a link with your Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition PC Save with the Abyssal Armor from the start? With your permission I would like to post the file on Nexus Mods for everyone to enjoy because I know lots of people would really enjoy using that save on PC. All credit goes to you and I would make sure to link it to you and full credit, all I will do is put instructions on how to use the save and a download link for it. I would greatly appreciate the help! Its very difficult finding a Deathinitive Edition PC save with the Abyssal armor unlocked on the internet...thanks! :)
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