Homebrew Custom themes via web injection?


Former Staff
Sep 23, 2013
tbh i doubt it even could be possible (with the current tools), custom themes require Exdata access,

only way it would work would most likely be if the homebrew launcher is ported over to the web exploit so then exdata modifier would be able to do its magic.....but this would limit it to only working up to 9.2, web exploit on 9.3/9.4 is limited to ram modifications only

without any sort of code execution (so for 9.3/9.4) theonly way it could really work is if you timed a ram modification perfectly to catch the theme while its in memory before being transferred to the theme cache.....seeing as this only occurs when you change the theme and you cant access the web browser until you exit out of the theme menu, its unlikely it would be possible for anything other than 9.0-9.2 users

for 9.0-9.2 this will virtually definitely be possible if/when the homebrew launcher is ported to the spider exploit
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