Couple of questions on buying a flashcard

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  1. Barti

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    Jan 24, 2015
    Hi Folks,

    Last month i've sold my Nintendo 3DS XL (old one), because I really didn't use it for quite some time.
    Now, with Majora Mask announced, i'm getting quite excited because OoT and MM were like my childhood on the N64.

    I'll think im getting a New Nintendo 3DS, but not the New XL one.
    Coming from retail-games I do want to try an flashcart.
    Oh, and with the progressing thing at the Gateway Team which is going to look very cool, i'm not that hasty to buy.
    I can wait till march or april or something.

    Still, i have a couple questions....

    1 - Some people on the interwebs were saying that the New 3DS compared to the New 3DS XL or Old 3DS XL, the screen quality is a huge difference. Can anyone confirm that?

    2) Is there any difference between the New3DS and New3DSXL screen quality?

    3) What's the main difference comparing Sky3DS to Gateway?

    4) Does the Sky3DS save instant, like on a normal retail game? Because with the Gateway, it's a bit weird.

    I don't want to do homebrew like blargSNES or something because i have a snes and that's perfectly fine. :P

    Thanks in advance!

    - Bart

    Oh, and sorry for my crappy English.B-)
  2. xdrako23x

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    Jan 21, 2015
    If you care playing online and dont want to do emumand and just playing 3ds games. Just get Sky3ds.

    My english is even more crap so dont worry :)