Hacking Could I have somehow disabled my PSPGOs ability to charge while off?


Apr 18, 2012
United States
I honestly don't understand, it's been fine and everything, but out of nowhere when I plug it in to the wall charger, he orange light on the side doesn't come on. I held r while starting it up and enabled charging while USB is plugged in, and so I can leave it on, and have it charging while connected to my computer but that seems like it might be bad for the system itself, battery life and whatnot. I BARELY have changed any settings in the start up configuration when you press and hold r while starting the system, but maybe someone knows if this is something I might have turned off somewhere by accident? Haha I know this sounds dumb but I am legitimately concerned and trying to find out why it would just not recognise the wall charger is plugged in, I've tried various outlets as well, and eth way teh wall charger is set up, it doesn't seem like I could tell if the charger itself is broken, but I have owned the charger for like 2 weeks, its official sony one, and I just can't really immagine it breaking seeing as how that is usually the most durable part of any device... Just feel like it has to be something else. Any input?

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