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    Hey. So, I was playing my 3DS with my acekard, and all of a sudden, it froze. I reset, and it turned on, but the skin was broken, and the top screen of the acekard was gone. The files were replaced with files with odd symbols, and then it wouldn't run anymore. I popped it into my laptop, and then every single file on the acekard besides the games was replaced with other files with odd symbols. I was unable to delete them, because of this volume label syntax is incorrect error. I fixed it by formatting the card, and it works fine now, but just wondering what caused the microSD to corrupt all the files besides the games? Thanks ^^.
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    Various things can corrupt the microSD and pretty much all devices that you would normally use as a storage for digital data. Generally, it's due to some failure in writing that causes problems, but there are other odd bits and ends. For the most part, the best explanation for all of it IMO is "shit happens".