CIAs after system transfer?

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    So I installed backups through FBI on my old 3DS and recently got a N3DSXL. I A9LH'd it and did a system transfer (pc method) but none of my CIAs transferred over (obviously understandable) BUT they are still installed on my SD and viewable in Freeshop and FBI (to an extent). So is there an easy way to reactivate my tickets to put them back on the menu or what can I do.
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    you reinstall the tickets using FBI (there are applications that can download .tik files from Nintendo servers)
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    Before you do a system transfer, you need to do a few things.
    1: Make a NAND backup and backup your entire SD card from your source system.
    2: Do the system transfer.
    3: Restore NAND and SD card contacts back to source system.
    4: Use Decrypt9 to back up the tickets from your source system.
    5: Setup your new system as normal and install FBI, ect.
    6: Use FBI to restore your tickets, don't use the CDN Network