Cheat code Embedder?

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    I remember reading some where not too long ago that it was possible to embed the cheats into a old gameboy rom with some sort of program having the term genie in the name. (No, not game genie) And Im just morbidly curious if it's possible to do with gba games as well.
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    The tool is probably CCCGP which you can find in the projects section of (a couple of other tools can also patch in game genie codes).

    As for embedding into GBA roms if you can find a game genie cheat then I guess you can add that but nobody really made any.
    People did however make memory oriented cheats* for the GBA ( has a bunch).

    *quick version- game genie cheats patch the rom image as it were to change what the rom itself did where gameshark/codebreaker/goldfinger type cheats were aimed at memory locations that are used by the game.

    A few tools were made over the years to add injection methods to the games to allow these cheats to work outside of any abilities of carts or emulators- nowadays though we tend to direct people at GBAATM though (still if you are curious look up gabsharky).