Channel File Manager 2.0 Beta 3

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    Jan 24, 2009
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    How is the Channel File Manager 2.0 Beta 3 installed and it's purpose?
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    Nov 18, 2008
    Is the below good enough for you.

    Channel File Manager is based on WAD Manager 1.21 and AnyTitle Deleter and allows you to manage your Wii channel menu. You can install devices from your choice, and uninstall. The homebrew may also use your CIOS to benefit the installation chains.

    You must create a folder named wad at the root of your device (SD Card, SD Gecko or USB storage device) and put all your files WAD.
    If you want to delete a title and you do not have the WAD file in the choice of device select "Internal Memory of the Wii."

    Note: The version using the Custom Channel IOS File Manager is compatible only with versions revision 04 (rev04) of IOS Custom tona and Waninkoko (or higher).

    News / corrections:

    - Support of the Italian language (BETA)
    - Improving the French translation
    - Fix errors internal compilation
    - Channel File Manager now returns to the Wii Menu menu without health warning
    - Add support for the classic lever (Tested by TGames)
    - Add an icon for the Wii Homebrew Launcher (Samux thank you!)

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