Capcom Monster Hunter April Digital Event - roundup

Capcom has a handful of announcements to make for its Monster Hunter games, both released and upcoming. This digital event showcases plans for post-launch support for Monster Hunter Rise, and what fans can expect to see in Monster Hunter Stories 2 when it releases this summer.

The stream kicks off with Stories 2 and a story trailer for it. Some characters from the first Stories game will be appearing in this one, such as Lilia and Reverto, and if you have save game data from Rise, you'll get a costume in the new game.

Next is a glimpse of gameplay. It uses an improved version of the first game's turn-based system, and utilizes a triangle of types that are effective and weak against each other. Partners can join you in battle and help you out. You'll also be able to target parts of each monster and break off pieces to weaken them.

Now it's on to Rise. Apex Diablo, Teostra, Apex Rathalos, and more are some of the monsters being added to the game. The 2.0 update will go live on April 28th. More quests are available, as well as armor and weapon sets.

Cosmetic DLC will be available for purchase as well. Capcom will offer DLC that lets you change your character's appearance, though they'll give you one for free to start with. Gesture and sticker emotes are part of the included buyable additions.

More events are planned to be added in the future.

Arena and Rampage quests for experienced players are being added. There are single-player challenge quests for those that unlock the cap on their HR. Layered armor becomes available, letting you use your favorite cosmetic armor with the best stat-boosting armor.

3.0 adds a new ending, and will come out sometime in May.


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Oct 22, 2016
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It definitely doesn't. I put 100+ hours into clearing every quest and "jumped" to HR8 lol.

I'm pretty sure all your hunter rank points count towards levelling up, you just haven't unlocked the next level cap. I think after HR7 it locks you at HR8, then the next lock is HR20, which is why I thought I went from HR7 directly to 14, when in reality I went from HR7 to 8, then the lock was HR20, so all the points I had gathered in total got me to HR14 (I think, I'm not entirely sure). At least this is how it's been in all previous games. But I wouldn't be surprised if there's some kind of bug that affects HR progression, since there were a couple bugs regarding talismans.
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