Can't connect to a Ad-Hoc network?

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    Hello all,

    Since the signal of my wireless router is crappy as hell, and i'm connected with my pc via a cable, i decided to turn the wireless card in my pc into an ad-hoc. Also i turned on internet sharing on it. Literally it would mean i can connect with my DS to the ad-hoc network like it's a normal wireless network. Too bad i'm only getting halfway. [​IMG] It can find the network, but it can't connect. [​IMG] It gives me an errorcode and the message it wasn't able to connect to any networks. The PC also doesn't give any sign that someone connected to the ad-hoc network. I setted it up without a WEP or something on it.

    Anyone have an idea how i can setup an ad-hoc network with my wireless card so i can connect throught that instead of the wireless network? [​IMG]

    @ MODS: Sorry, internet became shitty so i doubleposted by accident.