Can you remote play a PC with two android phones?

Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by Max2k17, Jan 6, 2018.

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    I was just wondering if you can play and control PC games with two mobile phones with android as their operating systems and also with an app ass the remote client and your PC as the server? I'm having trouble with this and I can't find a way or a solution on the internet, so please help me if you know and please tell me the required apps and software for this to work! Thank you in advance!!! :):)
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    Jun 15, 2014
    Do you have a controller or are you trying to do it over touchscreen?
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    Some more detail on what you are trying to accomplish would help.

    As an off the peg solution... I would be surprised.

    If you wanted to dial in two remote control programs and kick one android to a keyboard and the other to a mouse then I just said what you would do. You could do something similar to define player 1 and 2 on an emulator too I guess (though virtualising the second controller if they also want arrow keys might be tricky on android). Similarly if you wanted to do some turn based stuff (thinking something like heroes of might and magic) then it should be fine too, though be aware of any fog of war issues.

    There are some PC party games that people control via phones over local network -- the wii u was supposed to bring second screen/asymmetric gaming to the masses but these guys often did it better.

    Actual split screen/dual controls PC games have been rather lacking for decades (the tissue thin excuse probably being two keyboard and mouse setups can't easily be done), though there are exceptions in things that would properly take to it (thinking stuff like bomberman) and in things like Left4dead. If you wanted to get really creative and assign various inputs and remote options to different virtual machines running on a single machine there is that too... it will be a system grinder if you are playing any kind of demanding game, and it would also be able to solve the fog of war issue.