Can anyone help me resign a Skyrim save file for my PS3?

Discussion in 'PS3 - Games & Content' started by pMotny, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. pMotny

    pMotny Newbie

    Jan 7, 2015
    United States
    I have a mac and I can not get my emulator to work or a save resigner and I wanted to know if anyone would be willing to help me resign my save for me.
  2. CheeseCake

    CheeseCake GBAtemp Regular

    Jul 26, 2014
    United States
    On the Kitchen Table Obviously
    Sure, why not? I have PSN Tools Collection from aldos tools. Instead of resigning it for your PS3 specifically, I'll just resign it to be used for ANY PS3.

    Well, upload your save file on some file host.

    Your save file will be in PS3/SAVEDATA if you copied it over to USB. It'll have the a BLXX##### region code.

    It'll be BLUS30778 or BLES01330 for regular edition
    The save data could have a different region code depending on which edition you purchased/pirated.
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