Can anyone help? Firmware request even though it's installed?

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    Apr 6, 2018
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    Hi there,

    I have sx os and I have used choixdujour to update to firmware 8.1, all the games I have used have been fine including mario maker 2 and even redeemer which I downloaded tonight. However last week I tried to install Dragon Quest Builders 2 and constantly got a message saying that i needed a firmware update even though I was up to date.

    I thought nothing of it, tried to reinstall and the same thing happened. In the end I gave up and just put it down to an anomaly, however tonight I have had the exact same problem with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. The only similarities I can find between this and DQB2 last week, was that I installed a dlc and update file prior to the game file. I'm wondering if this is what the problem is, I have looked in the system and can't see how to remove the dlc files for marvel or dqb2 from my memory ard, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the games but the problem remains.

    Any advice would be massively appreciated,

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    are you sure that the game is asking for a System update and not a Game update?

    are you running all this on emunand?
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    Firmware updates and software updates are two different things. I think what you're referring to is a request for a software update for those games, as you're on the latest FW. Did you try uninstalling the game and then reinstalling things in order. Game>Update>DLC? This happens when reinstalling games that had been previously installed. It's happened a few times for me, as I just switched to FAT32, and I think reinstalling things in order fixed it.
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    I think it would be best to remove said games and re-install them again along with their respective game updates and dlc in their right order.
    Use Goldleaf
    Make sure ignore required firmware version is checked before initiating a NSP install.