BrawlBRSTMs3 has been hacked!

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    Last week, an unknown Chinese hacker has taken over BrawlBRSTMs3's Youtube channel. The hacker has monetized all of his videos for personal gain and taken down all links to the owner's website. They have also changed the avatar and banner on the channel, and turned on comment approving. It is unclear when or if Youtube will address this. In the mean time, please spread the word about this. The owner has created a new channel as a temporary solution to the problem. Links are below. Big thanks to @nxwing for reminding me about this.

    Hacked channel:

    Owner's new channel:

    Owner's Twitter:
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    Damn it! His game music uploads are some of the best game music uploads on YT! :O
    It's a shame to see his channel experience a bad time with hackers! :( I sincerely hope he will still have the enthusiasm to keep uploading after these unfortunate events!
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    The owners said that you can spread hate on the hacked channel by disliking the videos and flagging the channel.
    They are currently uploading 1 hour remixes of all of the previous uploads on the hacked channel and some new ones as well.
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    reuploading indeed. "50 seconds ago, 1 minute ago, 2 minutes ago"
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