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Nov 1, 2007
the land of lol
I found a great little app


It is very simple, but kinda cool.

Now, I'm a bit lazy...erm busy so I thought I'd just start the ball rolling on a topic and see what people can come up with.

Anyway, what this app does is launch Opera if it is installed on your Wii, the cool thing is that it can launch and go directly to a page you specify in the config file in the apps folder.
My head burst with silly little ideas of what I can do with both this app and the code but I tried a few things out and thought I'd post so others can out-do me and offer even cooler ideas.

So for a start here is a couple that do work.

Flash games....

Say you like flash games, and for example like Defend Your Castle. Find it online somewhere EG:
Now what you want to do is look at the page source, Ctrl+F .swf and you will find the location of the actual game....
for this game it would be ... http://www.xgenstudios.com/castle/castlexgen.swf
Put that in your config for this app, and there you go a free full screen game. Saving works, but note that it will save to the Wii's temp internet files. Obviously you can do this with almost any flash game, but some won't work with the Wiis controls.

Saving time....
Go get yourself a free web hosting account somewhere EG: www.110mb.com
Make yourself 1 page that hold ALL your favourites, make this a channel. You can add things like search boxes etc, I have a few torrent searches, google, youtube etc so I just tick a box, type in my search and hit go.

Do more at once....
This is only for those that know html/php and JS. Either use an online freeby host like 110mb, or install apache etc. Make a page that has frames (trust me I know they are outdated). Now if you want to listen to music while you browse on the Wii you can. (not gonna write a massive guide for this, you either know or you don't.) My current frames page allows me to switch between iplayer, radio and browsing, and each page can continue while I use the others. Tabs are easily added with JS.

Yeah I know this is very basic to some, but still a few ideas that are tested and working and none take more than a few minutes to setup.

Now for coders that have apps, here is an idea......
You can launch interactive online readme pages, that have searches etc, if you or your team have its own site you can even make accounts and save a lot of things so it can be customised to some degree for each user. The downside is that you would then leave your app and launch Opera
BUT can custom emanuals be made and a VC be injected with the apps .dol ? that way you could read the full colour, pro looking document from the HOME menu ?
emanual idea here : http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=189809

Anyway that's enough from me. Ganon I'm smiling
Simple and cool.

For those reading this, let us hear your ideas, mine are all tested and work, but even if you just think "what about this idea", let us know.


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Apr 4, 2009
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I think it'd be cool if people started uploading premade flash game packages (i.e. boot.dol, edited meta.xml and icon.png to suit game, and an url.cfg), so we could download them and play without bothering to find icons and stuff. I may try this soon, and if I do, I'll upload some premade packages.

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