Blue PCB Ackard 2.1

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    From Where???

    ^image from the review, not the one I have in my hands.

    I'm trying to verify a Blue PCB 2.1 that I've received in the mail. It has different numbers than the image used for the AK2.1 review. The bottom number on the chip is OHB (not OHA as in the image) and the number to the right ends in 3 (not 2 as in the review image). It also appears to either be not spring loaded or have a broken spring.

    If you happen to have the Blue PCB AK 2.1 and can open the case please get in contact with me. I would like to verify this card against others to make sure its real. Also I need verification that the case is unique to this design. The shell on this card is not straight across at the top like the other 2.1 kits, it has a "cut out" in the front and you can see the msd card. The other 2.1 kits go straight across and the msd card is hidden except from the back side where the msd slot is. Finally, the top left and right corners of the sticker are not black, as they are on the other 2.1 versions.

    I'm not 100% sure this is real but then again the Blue PCB was only made for a VERY limited time and I have never seen one in person before.

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