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  1. chicken11

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    Jan 6, 2009
    can some 1 please help,my wii is 4.1e dark corp 1.1,cios 38 rev 20 base 56,neogamma rc9,wii flow,soft chip loader, i just downloaded my 4 th game which i cant get to play,my wii is soft mod,patched to play any region games using disc channel,nearly all my games play from disc using disc channel,the odd few will show but wont play,to play the ones that wont play using disc channel i use neogamma with no problems,however,family feuds,hollywood squares,the amazing race and millionaire 3rd edition,all usa games,they all show in disc channel but only get black screen when i try and play,if i try neogamma get black screen,same with other loaders,if i try usb the same,at first i thought it was games but have had reports from others that they do work on there wii,not sure if they are pal or usa wii or if they playing using usb or disc,have tried to force ntsc using neogamma but still black screen, can any body please help,what settings or how best way to play,i have very little trouble other wise playing new games but these 4 are doin my head in thanks
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    Jul 23, 2008
    What ios are you loading from? 38 is not usual. Its normally 222 or 249 check it out. Not that many games cannot cross wii borders from my experience and they are mostly first party. also check your version of wiiflow