Best way to completely remove Maidump without reformatting system?

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    So I was excited to hear about the possibility of getting game updates. I installed Maidump, dumped Gundam Breaker 3, encountered an error and the system restarted. After that it was a nightmare of fighting the software trying to get everything removed. Somewhere in the system Maidump retains data even if the app is deleted, so if you try to redump a game (at least in my experience) it thinks the data is still there and just keeps trying to launch it instead.

    I deleted every folder I could find referencing Maidump to no avail. Finally I got fed up and reformatted my system and my memory card. Thing is, I don't want to have to do this every time Maidump doesn't dump a game properly. Can anyone please offer me any advice on how to avoid this in the future or how to completely remove the application in order to try again without reformatting? Thanks!
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    There is a file in a folder called /mai, don't remember the name of the file but it's a pretty obvious file you have to delete

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