Best way of using NitroHax

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by gokuguy, Jan 23, 2009.

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    I didn't find this anywhere else, so i decided to share it myself.
    I found a way to get most any games working with codes on NitroHax with the M3 & R4, including Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

    What u will have to do is get v.0.90a NitroHax for most of your normal games. For Pokemon & some of the other games that weren't compatible, with the 1.18 R4 firmware & newest M3 firmware, use NitroHax v.0.81. I tried this & the Pokemon games work great with this version. All you have to do for both NitroHax versions is to put 1 into another file, so it won't overwrite the newer version.

    For v.0.81, use this link.

    This might work on other flash cards too, but M3 & R4 are the only ones i'm sure about.
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    v0.81 and v0.90a are both dead, outdated versions. The current version is v0.92.