Some cheats don’t work in R4i SDHC Dual Core 2013


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Apr 2, 2023
I don’t know if I am posting in the right subforum (apologies if I’m not), but here we go.

I have a 2012 (I think? It has no year in it) and my friend has a 2013 R4 card (we used to play with those when we were kids XD). Same one, just different year.

I am using the same device for both cards.

In mine, I can use every cheat with very few problems in Pokémon Black. So, I copied the exact same rom into my friend’s R4.

Most cheats work without a problem there too. The ones requiring you to press select, though, do not work. That’s a problem because the wild Pokémon modifier cheats require you to hold down select.

In most other games every cheat I’ve tried (even the ones requiring select) works flawlessly. Before you suggest it though, I tried downloading Pokémon White and it was the same as Black ☹️.

Any idea what the problem might be? I’ve tried changing the rom, changing that Dsmenu thing and rpg folder (is that the firmware or kernel?), even downloading a cheat database (which crashed my game and didn’t help). What is there left to do?

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