Behind one's back

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    Apr 4, 2006
    The phrase that has always bugged me is "behind one's back". You know. "They're talking about me behind my back", and so on.

    Behind my back.

    As opposed to what?

    In front of my back?

    (Well, yes, "to my face", but what kind of opposite is that? Lame.)

    So, if any given outside surface is pointing outwards, then the surface of my back would be pointing outwards as well, and the orientation of the normal vector for my back is opposite to the orientation of my nose, anything going on behind me (if I define the orientation of "me" as equal to the orientation of my face), is actually in front of my back. Meaning, anything going on behind me would be going on in front of my back. That, in turn, means that when someone is doing things behind your back ( [​IMG] ), he's actually doing the thing in your face ( [​IMG] [​IMG] ). The fact that the phrase literally meaning "in front of you" actually means you're oblivious to the doings can only be an indication of your general ignorance or not being able to get the hint if it pokes you in the butt.

    (Double entendre notwithstanding.)
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    Well of course, that's a given! Ha ha, you crack my up little buddy.
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    That's a weird way [​IMG]
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    I can't believe I just wasted:
    1. the 20 seconds it took to read the post
    2. the 20 seconds I just spent thinking WTF!?!
    3. the 20 seconds this reply took to write.

    veho, you owe me 1 minute of my life.
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    Jul 22, 2007
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    veho is as funny as a dick.
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    a dickpenis mind you!
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    Yes but the direction of any occurences are relative to the direction you are facing. So while someone may be talkig to you in fron of your back, according to your position, they are behind you.
    The back is only commented upon to specify the position.