Bayonetta 1 and 2 is being teased for the Nintendo Switch

Discussion in 'Switch - Games & Content' started by BurningDesire, Jul 3, 2017.

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    it will effect it but not as much as it feels like your making it out to be, it's just a port, they ARE NOT making a whole new game, it takes less but still moderate time to port but not as much as a full game
    and this is way out there speculation but perhaps some of the creators of bayo with in platinum are trying to convince the higher ups to allow a sequal but have seen the poor sales of bayo 2 and they plan to show it can be successful by how it does on switch since the wii u didn't do that great that is there excuse for the poor sales, sales of any wii u game are miserable in comparison to other console that are and aren't from nintendo
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    What would make me happy is making if a third game is for nintendo switch that both one and 2 is also on the same cart. Honestly I was rather surprised to see when I bought Bayonetta 2 on wii u that the first game was included. I never played the first game before then but I got to before the second one. I really liked the idea :)

    The fact it was $60 and 2 full games was very heartwarming, and each are available for separate purchase on eshop for half price. $60 for 3 Games would just make me a bit happier about some publishers. But I doubt that will happen. (Probably impossible to fit all 3 on a single cart anyway) but if each game was $20 eshop titles, I still be happy about it. :shy: